The Reves Mecaniques

Reves Mecaniques

Ship components

○ Bridge
    § Incredibly fortified with adamantium reinforcements.
    § Rebuilt to be nestled in the hull of the ship with just a part of the bridge rising from the hull.
    § Crew of 20 personnel at all times and up to 35 workstations for temporary assignment.
○ Cargo holds
    § 4 spacious bays, 2 of which can hold a warhound class titan.
○ 1 chapel
    § Personnel
        □ Arch Missionary Aldous Blake
            ® 3 missionaries
            ® 5 alcolytes
    § Structure
        □ Large by standards of typical chapel on a frigate.
        □ Approximately 60% is stained glass.
        □ The main hall can seat 5000 at any one time.
        □ A baroque organ is maintained and played by Horatio Nevus, a cripple who fought valiantly for the previous captain.


○ Originally commissioned by Leonid Sempter, the great great great grandfather of Anton Sempter some 500 years ago. The Reves Mecaniques was discovered in the far reaches of Segmentum Pacificus while on a escort mission during the Gothic War some 600 years ago. It was a derelict space hulk drifting aimlessly out of the galaxy. House Sempter captured it and proclaimed it the 12th frigate of the Sempter Fleet initially naming it the Pax Sempter, or Peace Sempter.

○ Served as a patrol vehicle to monitor and respond to any threats to the Sempter stronghold. It served this function for some 300 years until a greater need to assist in the incursion of Chaos in the Calexis sector reassigned it to aid the Imperial Army. During this time, the frigate was named Reves Mecaniques for it entered the warp from which the Chaos flowed out and the ship was found lost wandering with the entire crew in a dream state. Miraculously it remained unscathed the entire time in the warp save for the Chief Astropath, Ulthar Hiernymous, and a Blood Angels barge brought it safely out of the warp. No explanation was given although it was suspected that the Chief Astropath gave his life to protect the ship and put the crew in a dream state.

○ Ever since then it has had a reputation and suspicion that it aided Chaos in order to make it out in one piece but this has never been proven. Many in members in House Sempter believe it to be curse.

○ Upon return, a complete refit and overhaul was made and Dalus Sempter, Anton’s great uncle was assigned as the captain. And with it a new role to engage in exploration and trade in the Calexis Sector. During his command the ship contributed to enormous profit for the dynasty and the suspicion gradually waned although some doubts remain. What the family wasn’t aware of was that Dalus Sempter engaged in piracy when his profits declined to maintain his reputation for high profits. He was eventually killed during a raid on a savage planet by a giant land shark.

○ Forentus Sempter, Anton’s father assumed command next and he brought along the young Anton Sempter. Anton was an ambitious youth who often was on the bridge absorbing every detail of the ship’s operation. His close friend Tyber Ankiel served as his confidant during this time and became the Seneschal of the ship when Anton assumed command.

○ When Anton assumed command, he remembered and respected his uncle’s strategy and tactics and studied in endlessly. He believed that Dalus’ methods were ideally suited for his crew and the ship. While Dalus’ did not care whether he raided an ork rok or a lost imperial transport, Anton showed more kindness for mankind and did not attack them unless there was just cause. He also treated his crew extremely well having grown up on the ship with many of them. His sense of adventure suited the nature of the ship and he soon gained a reputation as the reclusive but immensely successful member of the family. It was a rare occasion when he would return to the House Sempter empire in Segmentum Solar.

The Reves Mecaniques

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