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The Reves Mecaniques
  • Turbo Rat – A shuttle customized for high speed and manueverability.
  • Ace of Jacks – Reves Mecanique’s standard shuttle.

House Semptor’s Warrant of Trade

Rules clarifications
Macrobatteries versus Lancers
Profit Factor

The Koronus Expanse

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Brief pre-history:

The Great Crusade

Early M31
The Horus Heresy

The Age of Apostasy

Circa 760.M36
Haarlock’s Progress: Solomon Haarlock, scion of an infamous and (according to some) damned Rogue Trader lineage, successfully charts the area of space known as the Calyx Expanse and some say stray beyond the Maw as well.

The Koronus Fragments: During the preparations for a proposed Imperial Crusade to bring the volume of space known as the Calyx Expanse under Compliance, a number of apocryphal documents come to light in the vast data-stacks that house the Segmentum Obscuras naval records on Wykthorne Prime. These documents, which become known as the Koronus Fragments, are the degraded and incomplete logs of an Adeptus Mechanicus Exporator fleet of unknown age and provenance that purports to have discovered a stable passage through a vast swathe of warp storms at the edge of the Calyx Expanse. The few complete sections mark dozens of mineral-rich worlds, life-supporting biospheres and other areas for later exploration, which presumably never occurred. Also missing from the fragments was any concrete data on how to reach this zone, rendering them effectively useless. Nevertheless, the Koronus Fragments were added as addendum to the Crusade data, and later served to breed the legend of a vast untouched spatial zone littered with (oft-overstated) riches just beyond the reach of the numerous Rogue Trader vessels attached to the Crusade efforts.

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