Rogue Trader

En route

After the initial chaos of the failed mutiny, the PCs regrouped quickly and continued on their course to Port Wander. They were to take a slight deviation from the path to meet up with Tyber, the Seneschal of Reves Mecaniques.

Tyber was on a trade mission in a nearby planet. However, a day before arriving at their rendezvous point, they received a distress signal from Tyber’s shuttle. “A request for immediate assistance!” was heard repeatedly on radio. The PCs along with the Chief Weapons Officer Cassandra Malorna (and her body guard) hopped on the Turbo Rat, a confiscated high speed shuttle from a deal gone poorly many moons ago. Sotho was able to provision and get it ready with very little notice.

As they approached the shuttle, they noticed it was being pursued by two ships of unknown signature. As they prepared their weapons and closed in, they lost contact with the hostile ships. The two shuttles now synchronized their heading and speed and that’s when the PCs noticed how lucky Tyber and his crew were to be alive. The ship was smoking (nitrogen gas) and one wing was nearly gone.

Theon, Maleusenne and Cassandra decided to board the shuttle to check on the crew and Tyber. They donned their void suits and made the risky spacewalk. Upon opening the hatch, they saw a group of crew members in a bloody mess off to the corner with no life signs. Seneschal Tyber was off in another corner chomping down on a cigar despite a huge gashing wound to his left shoulder, severe enough for bone to be showing through. The comm-navigator officer was busy scanning for threats and the pilot focused his concentration on keeping the ship flying as well as damage control.

Cassandra took over the laser turret while the PCs tended to Tyber… or so they thought until they realized none of them could prep his wounds. An angry Sotho yelled at Maleussene and Theon over the comm-link, “Do I have to do everything around here?!” and grudgingly donned his void suit to go aid Tyber. Once his wounds were stabilized, the PCs thought it best to move Tyber to the faster ship. Using tethers PC X escorted Tyber… but near the half way mark, PC X failed to hang on to the thether and while distracted caused further wound to Tyber. He was brought back to the Jack of Spades.

Chief Surgeon's report on the captain.

“To all senior members of Reves Mechaniques,

It is my duty report to you that 2 of the 3 mutinous scums have succumbed to their wounds. Keo, our engine maintenance worker, is still in critical condition and have been put in an induced coma, probably for everyone’s good. There are further 7 who suffered non-life threatening injuries and should be released shortly.

Unfortunately, Captain Sempter’s condition has not improved in the past 24 hours. We pray to the God Machine that the life support system will bring him out of his coma soon. Further scans shows that his brain has suffered an unknown injury and it is possible he may not fully recover from it. Further, his liver will have to be replaced. Given that we are short on resources, we will use one of the dead’s liver until a suitable and worthy donor can be found.

Respectfully, Hexor Leonid Chief Surgeon, Reves Mechaniques

Trouble on the bridge

The Reves Mecaniques headed towards Port Wander for a brief resupply. However the crew noticed that the Captain was increasingly despondent in the past weeks, ever his away team returned from a planet on a trade mission.

When the captain was needed on the bridge and after repeated calls to his quarters, Malaussene and Theon headed down to the captain’s quarters only to discover him completely in a dream like state, half laying on the sofa. They picked him up, cleaned up the room and discovered bags of strange bark like substance that he was rubbing together and sniffing. Just then Sotho called to inform them that there was a mutiny on the bridge and that they should bring the captain up immediately.

Accompanied by the captain’s guards they hopped on the elevator and when the door opened to the bridge they could hear dozens of men and women yelling and screaming, demanding to know what happened to the captain. None of the PCs recognized the crew but there ragged and foul nature let them to surmise that they were from the lower decks.

Despite the security forces best attempt to contain them, a few in the crowd broke through and rushed the captain and his entourage. The PCs methodically dispensed of them. Once the mutiny was contained, the captain and the mutineers were rushed to sick bay.

Chief Surgeon Hexar Leonid diagnosed the captain as having suffered acute toxication from the unknown substance.



We met at my place Tuesday night to roll up the characters and design the ship.

They are onboard a Havoc Class Raider equipped for speed and manuvourability. The ship is colored black and blue.

Character creation went rather long because we only had one book and no one except myself was familiar with the process. While the creation process is lengthy it creates a fantastic framework on which the players can embellish their own personal details.

The design of the ship was a game in itself, an engineering/mathematical exercise as they had to carefully weight the power point, ship point, space point and weapon design.

They report to the Rogue Trader Sempter.


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