Pilot Mavus Iftikhar

The best pilot on board the Reves Mecaniques


Mavus has seen his days as the top Thunderhawk Gunship pilot during the Enchirdion Wars. Having flown over 30 sorties, his bravery and daring are well known to those who fought in the war. Eventually while pursuing the rank of lieutenant he made a risky move during training which cost the lives of a dozen guardsmen including the son of a high profile politician.

He was court martialed for two years. When he got out, he turned to drinking because no one especially in the commercial sector, wanted to hire a pilot with such a reputation. All of this changed, when Reves Mecaniques visited the planet for a trade mission and Mavus proved right there and then his uncanny ability to pilot a spacecraft. Tyber witnessed first hand at the pilot’s skills and instantly sensed his desire for adventure and daring. He was hired on the spot when he got off of the shuttle.

In addition to his piloting duties, Mavus is in charge of all vehicles aboard the Reves Mecaniques.

Pilot Mavus Iftikhar

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