Astropath Kadaroff

One of Hiryu's trusted disciples.


Astropath Andrea Kadaroff is a relatively young convert. He started his services to the Emeperor as a tech priest on a Sisters Convent in the Calexis sector. When she developed the talent to listen to the Warp, she was torn between her love of mechanics and her duty to the Emperor. Eventually the Sisters convinced her to follow her devotion to the Emperor and she studied under the Chief Astropath in the convent.

When the planet had to be evacuated by an unexpected incursion of a Chaos fleet, she hopped on a transport which was hopelessly lost, a House Sempter frigate rescued her and the crew. After serving for a few years under Anton’s cousins’ ship, she was transferred to the Reves Mecaniques a few years ago.

Astropath Kadaroff

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