History: Born on the Death World planet mainly covered by moutains and forest. The environment is very hostile which make humanoid life/activity almost non-existing and very dangerous outside the small and rudimentary cities. Malaussene was abandonned at birth in a tough shantytown where stealing, lying and assaulting people were a daily habit. Adult, he became gravedigger the day to cover his bad night job activity at night until he got caught by the Arbites who tortured him. He eventually escaped in the wilderness where he developped hunting skills to survive among savage animals. After 10 years of recluse life, he was discovered by a rogue trader ship as he was fighting some wild dangerous beast with his gravedigging shovel. It obviously impressed the space travelers who accepted him onboard.

Appearance and equipment: Skinny (wildlife is a good diet) and tall (6’6’‘). Rudimentary clothing, but kept the skin of the animal he killed before the rogue traders Shovel (from the gravedigging job) and hunting rifle. Scar on the back (from the torture, hence the hate toward the Arbites) Body overally damaged. Red beard, long hairs.

Behavior: Malaussene used to have some connections thanks to his underground night job but his loneliness in the wild made him a little crazy (talk to himself) and very asocial with any humanoid beings. Very rude and basic, caveman type.


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