Rogue Trader

Trouble on the bridge

The Reves Mecaniques headed towards Port Wander for a brief resupply. However the crew noticed that the Captain was increasingly despondent in the past weeks, ever his away team returned from a planet on a trade mission.

When the captain was needed on the bridge and after repeated calls to his quarters, Malaussene and Theon headed down to the captain’s quarters only to discover him completely in a dream like state, half laying on the sofa. They picked him up, cleaned up the room and discovered bags of strange bark like substance that he was rubbing together and sniffing. Just then Sotho called to inform them that there was a mutiny on the bridge and that they should bring the captain up immediately.

Accompanied by the captain’s guards they hopped on the elevator and when the door opened to the bridge they could hear dozens of men and women yelling and screaming, demanding to know what happened to the captain. None of the PCs recognized the crew but there ragged and foul nature let them to surmise that they were from the lower decks.

Despite the security forces best attempt to contain them, a few in the crowd broke through and rushed the captain and his entourage. The PCs methodically dispensed of them. Once the mutiny was contained, the captain and the mutineers were rushed to sick bay.

Chief Surgeon Hexar Leonid diagnosed the captain as having suffered acute toxication from the unknown substance.



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