Rogue Trader

Chief Surgeon's report on the captain.

“To all senior members of Reves Mechaniques,

It is my duty report to you that 2 of the 3 mutinous scums have succumbed to their wounds. Keo, our engine maintenance worker, is still in critical condition and have been put in an induced coma, probably for everyone’s good. There are further 7 who suffered non-life threatening injuries and should be released shortly.

Unfortunately, Captain Sempter’s condition has not improved in the past 24 hours. We pray to the God Machine that the life support system will bring him out of his coma soon. Further scans shows that his brain has suffered an unknown injury and it is possible he may not fully recover from it. Further, his liver will have to be replaced. Given that we are short on resources, we will use one of the dead’s liver until a suitable and worthy donor can be found.

Respectfully, Hexor Leonid Chief Surgeon, Reves Mechaniques



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